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l understand that Life can be seriously challenging, however, it also has a lighter side.

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Hi!  I'm Lorraine LaPointe,

My life has taken on a wonderful sense of purpose in the last few years, as I shifted into my passion as a Clear Beliefs Coach and Hypnotherapist, serving those who want to rediscover the lightness and joy that existed before the heavy, uncomfortable stuff got in the way of living a life they love!

I live in Quinte West, Ontario, Canada with my partner and step-daughter - with special needs - plus two friendly, furry felines.

As a former teacher and educational leader, I understand the importance of STORY.  

For millennia we've been pre-programmed to love story. Since ancient times, it's the way we've maintained history, knowledge and wisdom. 

Today, interesting stories are why we stream movies, videos, podcasts and other social media.  We experience past events with different twists and perceptions; present day challenges or celebrated victories; future  fears, dreams, desires or expectations.

It's ALL Story. Comprehensive. Adaptable. Transforming. And, best when it's deeply personal. 

I'm lucky enough to engage and work with 'inner stories' all the time

Like most good stories, mine starts at a time when I was very young. I grew up believing it was my responsibility to make sure everyone around me stayed 'happy'. 

As I got older, I ran myself ragged to find ways to look after others - not daring to express my needs for fear of upsetting someone - keeping quiet even though I felt stressed, worried, or overwhelmed. 

As a classic "gold star kid", nothing I did ever felt like 'enough'. Life revolved around the role of playing the 'perfect, good little girl', ensuring that I was keeping the peace by pleasing others.

Although there's nothing wrong with natural generosity, and giving often lights me up because of the positive impact in the world,  it took many years to understand that my compulsive need to "help" led to resentment, exhaustion and burn-out.

As a teenager, I hoped things would get better. Battling depression, anger and frustration, I didn’t know if, how or when things might improve. Life just went round and round, in circles as I didn't know what else to do. 

Today, I live a different story.

Life is calmer, easier and has a much greater sense of purpose. My thoughts and beliefs lead to experiences of better health and happiness. The inner voices in my mind are kinder, as I live with greater passion.

I love working with other creative Go-Getters (and Go-Givers!)  who are quite often small business owners, who want to more effectively help others and have a big, positive impact in the world as they grow their business and life in purposeful ways.

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Years ago, I found perverse pleasure in NOT indulging in too many enjoyable things. ...I felt it was important to be 'highly efficient' and not waste time being frivolous. At that time, I was also exhausted and hard to live with. My tenacity caused a great deal of pain because it contributed to the demise of three long-term relationships.
You see, what I know now is that giving-too-much shows up because of a need to control everything. I was afraid that delegating meant things wouldn't get done properly. Although I was run off my feet, I was stuck in a cycle of believing that I didn’t have the time or energy to handle even one more problem. However, I kept saying 'Yes' when I should have said 'No', and doing everything myself was not the answer!
What's worse is that I felt unappreciated for all my self-sacrificing — which nobody asked me to do — and that nothing I did ever felt like it was 'enough'.
Crazy, eh?
There I was... wishing someone would take care of me for a change, but acting like a hedgehog, all prickly and self-protected, keeping people away.
I was stressed out, constantly frustrated, and often resentful. Unknowingly, I sent the message, “I'm not ready to receive simple pleasures, so don’t waste your time giving to me.”
Over-tired. Over-committed. Overworked.  I had fallen into the habits and familiar roles of caregiver, peacemaker, people-pleaser, perfectionist. It was killing me.
As things progressed, life was passing me by. I thought I didn't 'get it' like everyone else,  I felt hopeless and helpless.
At one point, a doctor prescribed medication for depression which predictably masked my feelings. Then I became "dumb & numb" as the medication was a false numbness - with medication, I felt NOTHING at all, and that wasn't any 'better'!   
I didn't know that medication simply reinforced my inner belief:  "There's something wrong with me" and masking symptoms did nothing to resolve the real issue.
It was clearly time to do something different!
With an insatiably curious mind, I was driven to search for the an answer. I studied philosophy, biology, spirituality, psychology, and became aware of some particularly harmful inner thoughts such as, "I need to be fixed."
Eventually, I connected with a Coach who helped identify and release limiting beliefs and shift my perspective. I discovered the courage to heal and found ways to feel GOOD - on purpose. 
I discovered the Path to Better Living.

And Now...?

Now, I enjoy life.
Now, I work with body, mind, spirit, energy and emotions because I enjoy the inner peace of knowing how to create self-empowerment and take positive actions to move my life forward.
Now, I show others who are naturally generous, how to playfully use inner detective work to powerfully align thoughts and desires (Head) with dreams and passions (Heart) to release resistance ...and THRIVE.
YES!  Now, I know what it's like to...
- be on the other side with a brighter, more positive perspective
- wake up energized, eager to face the day
have freedom of choice and a clear path to success
I OWN my life, instead of my life owning me.
YES!  Now, I want that same sense of FREEDOM for others!  
work passionately with heart-centered people - like you? 
I support those who want to explore the bigger questions about who they are, and how to get more of what they want and do more of what they love.
I empower people to discover a healthier, happier version of themselves & making the world a better place.
YES!  Now, my life counts!
What I know is that all we have is - NOW. Today's not a dress rehearsal. There are no 'Do-Overs’.
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Seven Key Advantages of Working with Lorraine

  1. Knowledgeable, Experienced & Professional –  Formerly a teacher and leader in Education, with additional certification in coaching, clearing inner beliefs and hypnotherapy, she has extensive knowledge about motivation and the transformation needed to achieve your best results.
  2. Member of National Guild of Hypnotists & Fully Insured – She's covered and accountable, She's recognized for 'Excellence in Client Results.'
  3. Client Centered Service – Her uniquely customized programs are delivered in a caring, secure, private, confidential way, with on-going support available between sessions.
  4. Free Consultation – She first establishes whether you're a good match for working together, so you can have confidence in your desired results.
  5. Session Recordings – When working one-to-one, sessions may be recorded. Also, additional audio recordings for support between sessions, may be available.
  6. Flexible Hours – Online programs offer flexible hours and are presented in bite-size modules. Your time zone and personal schedule are never a problem!
  7. Relaxed Pace –  The sessions are well designed to suit a busy lifestyle and maximize your results.
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