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l understand that Life can be seriously challenging, however, it also has a lighter side.

That's why I created my Virtual Assistant "Serve-U-Bot"... that's her chatting with the Seagull.

She answers your questions, provides information and is available to help you 24/7 . She's capable of doing many things... even telling a joke or providing a riddle to lighten up your day. Click HERE to interact with her.  😎👍🏼


Hi!  I'm Lorraine LaPointe,

One sunny, but chilly day, I sat in a sheltered spot on my back deck over looking the Bay, as a shadow passed over head. I watched as the majestic Osprey circled the cold, blue water in search of her dinner. 

Seeing something good, she dived deeply in to the water, but she came up empty. Time and time again, she circled and dove, circled and dove with the same result... NOTHING! 

That day, while sipping coffee watching that bird, I realized that I could understand exactly how she was feeling, because I was also frustrated, anxious and overwhelmed!

As an insatiably curious child, I had been expected to play the role of "Gold Star - Good Girl".

...Always getting things right on the first try.

...Always making the right choices.

...Always seeming to solve problems with ease.




My attitude in life had been shaped by well meaning adults who thought they knew best. However, I was tired of over-working, never really getting 'a head' and feeling like nothing was enough.

I felt exactly like that bird... 

Something was missing. I was coming up empty.

And, at that moment, I made a decision. 





Fast forward several years...

...after reading a mountain of self-help books, and

...studying for years with many gurus of self-development, and

...spending gazillion of dollars getting trained, certified and qualified as a Coach-Therapist

...what I know now, is that I didn't know how that bird felt at all.

That bird never doubt her capability to catch a fish. She kept going because she knew she would succeed. She eventually caught her dinner because she didn't have inner critical voices attacking her, lying to her, and creating doubt or making her judge herself harshly. 

What I didn't know then, was that only human beings suffer with inner critical voices and Saboteurs!!  

That bird simply continued to dive until she landed her dinner, because that's how we achieve success.


Today, my life has a wonderful sense of purpose, as I show compassionate women (and a few men!) how to use their strengths, gifts and talents to serve others, how to dial down negative inner self-talk and discover the mental fitness tools they can use daily to rebuild their peace of mind. 

Once we re-discover the lightness and joy that existed before the heavy, uncomfortable stuff got in the way,  humans can live more purposefully, passionately tapping into the five inner 'superpowers' that make it possible to effectively share ourselves in ways that positively impact our world.


Would you like to feel empowered, more purposeful or fulfilled in your life?

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Seven Key Advantages of Connecting With Lorraine

  1. Knowledgeable, Experienced & Professional –  Formerly a teacher and leader in Education, she has certification in coaching, clearing inner beliefs, past life exploration, trauma release and Parts Therapy. Her experience and knowledge help with motivation and the transformation to achieve your best results.
  2. Member of National Guild of Hypnotists & Fully Insured – She's covered and accountable, She's recognized for 'Excellence in Client Results.'
  3. Client Centered Service – Her uniquely customized programs are delivered in a caring, safe and secure way, with on-going support available between sessions.
  4. Free Consultation – She first establishes whether you're a good match for working together, so you can have confidence in your results.
  5. Flexible Hours – Online programs offer flexible hours and are presented in bite-size modules. Your time zone and personal schedule are never a problem!
  6. Relaxed Pace –  The small group sessions are well designed to suit your busy lifestyle and the supportive community is designed to maximize your results.
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