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If you're feeling overly stressed because you're too generous by nature, you've probably arrived here - like many others - who want to get off the Merry-Go-Round.
Many feel empty or exhausted and want to know what they're "missing" ...and how to fix it.

That's my Specialty!


If it's not unusual to:

  • have trouble saying NO or know where to draw the line
  • GIVE - give 'til it hurts, give-up or give-in 
  • feel guilty or selfish when you stop giving or pull back
  • feel anxious, frustrated, overwhelmed and wonder if you're doing things 'right'
  • avoid feeling shattered, as inner or outer voices criticize what you do

If you'd rather be:

  • recognized for who you are
  • connected, accepted and sincerely appreciated
  • taken care of, as you care for others
  • able to do more of what you love


... then you're ready for something different.  

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Although some might think all that giving is 'Saintly', they aren't aware of how hard you work, how exhausted you are or that 'people-pleasing' can be PAINFUL. Many don't notice how much you do for everyone, everyday. Some are even oblivious about when you're feeling "obligated" to help!

Would it feel better to...

* Say 'NO' and know where to draw the line ...without feeling selfish or guilty?
* Confidently expressed your great ideas, thoughts or opinions ...without worrying about conflict or criticism?
* Realize YOUR dreams or desires ...not just help others reach theirs?

Now, just imagine...  

* Making decisions based on what YOU want ...and not what you believe others are thinking.
* Being truly appreciated for your generous nature
* Having others deeply connect with who you ARE
* Doing more of what you love, knowing that it absolutely 'IS good enough!' 

...that's called: "Better Living"

 Want that? 

It can be yours!


Now's the time to take your smallest, next best step...

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There's no use climbing a ladder, unless it's pointed at the right wall.  ~L.LaPointe


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 ... everything as a whole is now good! I find the biggest change is that I feel true to myself. I am very confident and justified that my limits are well within reason - I've had to stand my ground with a few people recently. The other part is that I no longer feel concerned that I might offend someone. Life has become enjoyable again. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the help you've given me...   ~ KK, Trenton, ON